Been a while

Well I haven't posted anything in ages, been to South Africa since and had an amazing time went to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, durban and Joberg. Cape Town was one of our favourite places, recommend Robben Island, you learn so much there. the lion Park was the best part though:
<--- me with the baby hyena Princess who I loved more than the cubs. Absolutely amazing, everyone should go to the lion park for a week. As you can see from my profile pic, we got up close and personal with the cubs too. They were so cute and playful. Me and my boyfriend had some great nights out too and made some great friends.

Also a tip for the day that I learned in South Africa, as many of you probably know, drinking water backwards is one of the best ways to get rid of hiccups, however do not try drinking vodka backwards!!! lol you become so drunk you can't walk and feel sick for the rest of the night. Me in action with my vodka -->

I don't think I have ever seen a more flattering image of myself lol. Thanks to my boyfriend for this one!

South Africa tomorrow

Well I'll be away for a month in South Africa. Very nervous but it should be fun. I am going to be working with white lions so it is the opportunity of a lifetime. I really should start packing :s but I always leave it to the last minute otherwise I am constantly checking my case, lol. The only real problem is that I hate bugs, I am awful with them. A month off work will be great though.

A little update of some art, these 2 pieces were for a challenge on Buffy forums.



Twilight Mania

Well I know I am not the only one who loves Twilight. I am still obsessed and I can't wait for New Moon to come out at the end of the year. I know everyone has some thoughts on who should play who. I am mostly interested in the Volturi. For me it would have to be these actors:
Aro: Ian McKellen - old I know but he would be perfect as this sinister character.
Marcus: Alan Rickman - could play that bored part so easily lol
Caius: Paul Bettany would be ideal I think in this part.

I thought I'd add a New Moon piece I did of Caius with Paul Bettany of course. It is one of my favourite pieces and I got some great feedback for it.


Newbie here :)

 Hi all, I'm a newbie too all this, but thought I should find a place to show off my art. I have just started making textures soon so they'll be up shortly if I can work out how lol. I'm in a bit of a rut artwise at the moment though, struggling to get pieces done, I need my muse :(  I've got tomorrow off of work, so I'm hoping to get something done. 

As for tonight I am going to get my next Buffy fix, got the whole DVD set for Xmas and I'm on Season 5 tonight. One of my fave episodes from the season Checkpoint is up next. Also been watching Heroes and I just seem to get more and more confused with this show. I don't get Nathan at all, the whole thing seems a little strange. Loved Claire's mum this week though, helping to save Alex. 
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